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Poised to become Istanbul’s new hub of culture, arts and design, Galataport Istanbul boasts a square in Turkey, expanding over 14,000 square meters at the intersection of the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Mimar Sinan University Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture, both of which are located inside the project site.

Galataport Istanbul has embraced a cultural & artistic scene accessible to all, create social benefit, support aspiring young artists, and encourage public engagement, especially from the Karaköy region and the surrounding districts. 

Galataport Istanbul is becoming a neighborhood of its own where families can spend time with their kids on the Bosporus coast, and a venue for various events during the week and on weekends. 

Galataport Istanbul will host a variety of culture, arts and design events throughout the year, which is projected to drive a 72% increase in cultural and artistic events in the area. 

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