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Concerts at Paket Postanesi

Paket Postanesi

December 23 - 24 - 25th


Concerts will take place at Galataport İstanbul Paket Postanesi on December 23-24-25. Ladies & Gentlemen, Selen Beytekin, Flapper Swing and Fötr Alper & Friends will take the stage in the concerts that will reflect the spirit of the new year under the great dome of the Paket Postanesi, which combines with the magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the historical peninsula. 

For three days, Ladies & Gentlemen, whose repertoire includes works from local and foreign musicals, movie soundtracks, jazz and New Year songs, will be on stage. 

On Friday, December 23 at 20.00, jazz vocalist Selen Beytekin will present a repertoire full of music to the guests of Galataport İstanbul Paket Postanesi. 

On Saturday, December 24 at 19.00, Fötr Alper & Friends, whose music ranges from the Delta Blues of the 1930s to the modern approach of the 2000s, including jazzy and funky elements, will continue to bring everyone together with jazz. 

On the last day, Sunday, December 25 at 19.00, Flapper Swing, an acoustic jazz swing band, will close the event. 

The concerts, which are free of charge for all our guests, are welcoming those who want to renew their spirit with jazz and blues before the New Year, to Peket Postanesi.


Selen Beytekin 

December 23, 20.00 

 Fötr Alper & Friends 

 December 24, 19.00 

Flapper Swing 

December 25, 19.00 

Ladies & Gentlemen 

December 23, 16.00 

December 24 - 25, 17.00

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