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Şahmeran 34 Exhibition at Galataport Istanbul

13 May - 13 August 2022


Sahmeran 34 "Hayra Alamet" - Encounters in the City Exhibition will be at thirty-four different points in the city for three months and Galataport Istanbul is exhibiting the works of five artists. 

As part of the Sahmeran 34 "Hayra Alamet " – Encounters in the City Exhibition, Galataport Istanbul will host the works Bubi Hayon, Kemal Tufan, Yiğit Yazıcı, Tanju Babacan and Aslı Şarman until August 13th. 

One of the artists in the Sahmeran 34 Exhibition, Bubi Hayon, presents cloth cords in a knitted composition order with horizontal and vertical lattice forms in his sculpture work called "Yumliha". Artist Kemal Tufan, whose outdoor sculptures are presented in various cities in thirty-four different countries, takes his place in Galataport Istanbul with his work "Cage Istanbul", which he produced from stainless steel. Known for his abstract expressionist style as well as functional art works, Yiğit Yazıcı's sculpture "RDG243222" is among the remarkable works of the exhibition. 

Tanju Babacan's, who also designs for television productions, sculpture will be exhibited in Galataport, Istanbul for three months, which is called "Dzzlan." Inspired by different cultures, human expressions, and nature, artist Aslı Şarman is at Galataport Istanbul with her work "Shine," which she designed using mirror and mosaic materials. 

Four in the Post Office Fashion Galleria and one in front of the N2 Block, the artists’ works can be seen until August 13 at Galataport Istanbul.

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